Udane Irastorza , paisajista y florista en Bizkaia. Realizamos proyectos de decoración floral para empresas, tu hogar o tu boda

decoración con botellas de vino

I teach you ways to fill your spaces with color and vitality through all types of plant decoration. The first impression counts a lot and if it is an event even more so. I help you find a way to give a touch that attracts attention so that it remains in the memory.

Discover what events we can decorate

museums and exhibitions

When new collections and works of art are presented on certain occasions.


When a company has something to celebrate and throws a small party with its best clothes


To celebrate a small or large event to make yourself known. They are usually original and fun floral decorations..

private celebrations

There are more and more people who celebrate their silver and golden weddings, or their birthdays. Give it a more special touch with flowers

decoration and theme

One of the things that we have to take into account is the type of event that is going to be celebrated, a conference is not the same as a fair or a birthday. therefore, flowers and arrangements will not be either.

Flowers are much more than an individual element. They give meaning and coherence to the event. We take into account even the smallest detail such as the containers where they are placed.

Another very important point is the time of year in which the event is held. It will indicate what type of flowers we will place and they will give us harmony.


We think about every detail, creating a harmonious setting in styles and colors. Highlighting the branding values ​​of the brand organizing the event.

With floral decoration we can also completely modify the atmosphere of our event. It all depends on the type of flowers and arrangements that we incorporate.